THIS WEBSITE IS FOR ADULT BUYERS OVER 18 ONLY!  NO NUDITY BUT YOU MUST OVER 18 PURCHASE PHOTOS IN THESE SHOWCASES.  These galleries are of pictures I've taken with my advance amateur photography experience for over 30 years.  These pictures in my galleries with more to come are for sale for personal & business usage.  I'm also available for hire for private & business use as well.  My photographic venues are in glamour, nudes, sometimes unusual wacky weddings, & more eye popping photography that gets people talking.  I also enjoy taking photogrpahs of nature, scenic & really cool people, places & things.   But never anything sick, gross or overly offensive.  I also do other genres of photography within reason.   My photography is different & I'm looking for new audience that like to see different & see have an open-mind about it.

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